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Our primary services are listed below; however, we specialize in solving "problem cases" which require creative solutions. Our private investigator staff are highly responsive to our clients needs and can tailor our services to respond to special requests. Call anytime between 8:00 a.m. and midnight CST and talk to an experienced private investigator, NOT an answering service or machine.

•  Workman's Comp/Insurance Fraud Investigations
•  Background Checks
•  Surveillance
•  Witness Locating and Statements
•  Confidential Interviews
•  Civil Court and Deposition Testimony
•  Criminal History Record Searches
•  Civil Record Searches

Workman's Comp/Insurance Fraud
Investigation is conducted into the activities and physical capabilities of a claimant to document all facts surrounding alleged personal injury. Services include a background investigation of the claimant, to assist in determining the claimant's prior activities and credibility and surveillance of the claimant, to identify the true extent of a claimed injury and reveal possible employment. Other services are available, as needed.
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Background Checks
We can provide you with detailed information on the following record reviews: subjects last known addresses, civil and criminal court records, real property and ad valorem tax records, assumed names, UCCs, bankruptcies, liens and judgments.

This information can assist you in determining the prior activities and credibility of the claimant.
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Our private investigator staff is experienced in Worker's Comp and insurance fraud surveillance and we understand that this type of surveillance is extremely sensitive and we guarantee a discreet and confidential investigation. Our investigators will provide video proof of questionable activities to assist you in taking the appropriate next steps to resolve the issue.
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Witness Locating and Statements
Our experienced investigators are trained to locate and interview potential witnesses and take their statements in both civil and criminal matters and we can provide legal support services in conjunction with your legal representation or claim service as an effective means of substantiating your position.
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Confidential Interviews
Confidential interviews are usually conducted to gather information from witnesses who cannot or will not come forward in a more open fashion. Our investigators are trained to interview potential witnesses in exacting detail and are skilled in gaining the confidence of witnesses to learning all available information.
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Civil Court and Deposition Testimony
Our investigators are experienced in court testimony and will state the facts in a professional and objective manner. We are ready to provide professional testimony in support of our services whenever needed.
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Criminal History Record Searches
We can search any jurisdiction for records of a claimant's criminal history including charges filed and the disposition and sentencing information related to those charges. This information can assist you in determining the prior activities and credibility of the claimant.
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Civil Record Searches
We can search civil records anywhere to locate civil court cases, property ownership, assumed names for business, bankruptcies, liens, judgments and UCCS referenced to the subject. This information can assist you in determining the prior activities and credibility of the claimant.

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